Become a better boss with these great tools

Whether you’re a boss at a large organisation or a small startup, being in charge is no small feat. You want your team to perform well and make you look good, but you also want your employees to genuinely enjoy coming to work each day. It’s often said that “people don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses”, so if you’re interested in getting the best out of your team and becoming a better boss, keep reading on to find out the best tools for making this happen.

Keep your employees engaged

While having a great team is certainly useful when it comes to producing results, having an engaged team makes all the difference. Part of being a good boss is spotting when overall morale is low and putting a plan in place to improve things. So why not start off by improving employee engagement with an intuitive and accessibly employee benefits platform like Zest?

While companies once thought that offering their employees benefits was all that was required to keep employees engaged and happy, the playing field has changed. Providing your employees with benefits simply isn’t enough – they need platforms that showcase their personal benefit selection that is easy to use, personable and most of all, fun!

Good bosses work hard to understand what motivates each employee they hire. While some employees could benefit from perks involving travel, others may be more interested in perks that involve childcare. With trusted employee benefit platforms you’re able to build a benefits package that is unique to each of your employees, showing that you care about their overall wellbeing and progression. What more could you want in a boss?

Show appreciation

There are very few people out there who don’t appreciate being recognised for their hard work. This is especially true when it comes to the workplace. Bad bosses don’t recognise employees for their work, making them feel unappreciated and ignored. Good bosses, on the other hand, make a strong effort to recognize their team’s achievements.

A great way to show your team that you care is by using a Recognition Centre that lets you congratulate individual employees to their entire organisation. While receiving a pat on the back via email is appreciated, publicly acknowledging an employee’s achievement is a great way for them to feel like a valued part of the team. You can also shout out special dates for your employees like birthdays and anniversaries, making it a personable space to improve employee appreciation and morale.

Become a better boss with Zest

If you’re looking to improve employee engagement and become the best boss you can be, check out the great tools Zest can provide to administer your employee benefit packages. After all, people don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses, so do your best to be the best boss you can be using these tools to not only improve your team but your company, too.

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